About us

About us

When I was five years old, my grandmother bought me a little battery operated sewing machine; I ended up with the best dressed Sindy dolls in Co. Down as a result (Showing my age here!), and my love of fashion and couture was born! Fast forward many years and after a career in Nursing, raising my four children and generally only carrying forward my passion as a hobby, I was asked by my twin daughters, Katie and Hope, to design them evening dresses for their Upper Sixth formal. Many, many Facebook messages later to my girls of ‘Who did your dresses?’, I was urged by them to think about doing something I’d always wanted to do, but never been brave enough.

When my children were small and worried about exams or situations, I always told them to ‘Take their Angels with them’ and bought them all tiny silver angel

wings just to remind them that they were never alone. To this day they all still carry their wings.

Greyabbey was founded by Alfecca De Courcey in 1193 in thanksgiving, when after a rough passage across the ocean; she landed safely on the Ards Peninsula. The building of the Abbey provided much work for the local populace and Alfecca was thereafter known as ‘The Angel of the Ards’. It therefore seemed appropriate that when deciding on a name for the boutique that we chose something angelic. Seraphim are six-winged angels and purportedly the highest form of angels that exist.

At the finial fitting of our brides we sew a tiny pair of heart-shaped angel wings into each dress with blue silk thread, just to remind our lovely brides to always take their angels with them through life’s journey.

Our philosophy is that every bride should have ‘A great experience, A great dress and at a great price’