January 2018
In the beginning…….Please forgive the Ecclesiastical headline, however I thought it was quite appropriate given that this is Seraphim Couture’s (Well…mine really!) first ever blog and we are keen on the angelic nature of our name and the village we are in!

I told you a little about myself in the ‘About Us’ section, but there are so many people I need to thank for having helped get me here; my kids….Katie and Hope you know about…Pete and Josh (18 and 14…useful when you need a strong man who will actually do what he’s told!) and my hubby of nearly two and a half decades, the long-suffering Al. Without their encouragement and help, I’d have been unable to accomplish my dream. I also need to thank the people and other businesses in Greyabbey (Especially Jan and Simon from Orange Tree House) for taking me to their hearts and welcoming me with open arms. When we’ve done a wedding as a village, it has been an amazing opportunity to work together to make the happy couples wedding day magical. I feel I’ve made lifetime friends here and that my Angels have truly looked after me!

It’s January 2018 now and this year brings a wedding fayre in the new Titanic Hotel, Belfast, another in Cultra Manor on Feb 11th (1-4pm), as well as a host of other things (More to follow later!) including Trunk shows from our favourite designers and some exciting news of our own! We’ve had lots of lovely brides married (Have a look through our ’Real Brides’ section!), and eagerly await the next bevy of beautiful brides to say ‘I do’.

Til next time…..Take your Angels with you.
Catherine xx

Spring Blog

On the 1st April, we’ll have been in our new premises for exactly one year and what a year its been (Before and after pictures!).

We’ve had so many lovely brides married, news of tiny feet on their way following weddings and previous bridesmaids now coming back to see us as brides…. How exciting!

We’ve settled in to our splendid surroundings with only one problem….. The place looks so beautiful that brides think all our dresses are likely to be very expensive, so just to give you an idea, this year, our top two sellers have been priced at £1690, and £1980, both several hundred pounds cheaper than our friends on the mainland are selling the same dresses! Our prices start at £1100 up to £3500. We have a whole array of bridesmaids dresses and accessories and once you’ve bought your dress from us there is 10% off everything after that.

Don’t judge our particular book by its cover….. We’ll make you gorgeous.

Til next time,…..take your angels with you.
Catherine x

Summer Blog

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